Gregory Armstrong headshot

Originally from Northern Utah, Greg is a writer, director and editor based in Los Angeles, by way of the San Francisco Bay Area. He began indulging a latent passion for filmmaking in the early 2010s, making scrappy shorts with friends while building websites from his bedroom to scrape by. In 2015, an internship at a small production company in Berkeley blossomed into a career as a freelance editor. He’s edited for clients ranging from small non-profit organizations, to Fortune 500 companies, and recently worked on the documentary Coming Clean, by two-time Sundance Grand Jury Prize-winner Ondi Timoner. Short narrative and documentary films he’s cut have appeared in festivals worldwide, and received many awards and accolades.

He has written and directed several short narrative and documentary films, and his work has received recognition from renowned festivals and the Academy. Most recently, his short narrative The Art of Survival was a semifinalist for a 2020 Student Academy Award, a finalist in the 2020 Fine Cut Film Festival, and was honored in UCLA’s Directors Spotlight, an annual showcase of the school’s top talent. It was broadcast on PBS in Southern California, nationally on LinkTV, and has appeared in film festivals nationwide. As a Directing MFA candidate at UCLA, he’s been the recipient of the 2017 MPAA Award, the 2019 Jack Nicholson Distinguished Student Director Award, and the 2020 Delia Salvi Award for excellence in directing actors.

As a filmmaker, Greg is drawn to stories that explore, and critique, imbalances of power in the personal and intimate aspects of our lives. Whether through satire, realist drama, or taut thriller, he is constantly seeking to understand the ways our insecurities betray our higher impulses, and wrestling with the unending irony of our conflicting desires for both security and self-actualization.