Greg Armstrong Portrait

After graduating from Vassar College with a degree in English, Greg briefly dabbled in journalism before completely giving in to a latent passion for film.

He spent several years doing the one-man-band video production hustle, while working as a web designer to keep the bills paid. In 2014 he was able to transition to a full-time career as a freelance editor in the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s edited for companies like Adobe, Facebook, Intel, and eBay, and many smaller companies and non-profits.

In collaboration with friends and colleagues, he’s written, produced, directed and/or edited several short films that have received numerous festival recognitions and awards. Additionally, he’s trained at the renowned Berkeley Repertory School of Theater, and has performed as an actor both in film and on stage.

In 2017, Greg enrolled full-time in the MFA Directing program at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, and is currently writing and directing films as a student there.

His varied background gives him a strong combination of narrative know-how, design sensibility and technical chops. He has a well-rounded set of post-production skills, including graphic design, color correction, sound design and sound mixing.

He’s currently based in Los Angeles, California, and would love to hear more about your project.